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Radiation All around you, and Through You! Anthony HIlder shows the new smart meters. The word "Smart" is used to create in your perception a psychological value or label for this. No one would call them "Dumb" meters for example....But to call them "Murder Meters" may be a more accurate name for something that puts out constant long range Radiation through buildings, vegetation, and through you. Higher and Constant Ambient radiation is the problem now...meters, cell phones, wifi, all sending out waves through you. The long term health effects to our population are unknown at this stage. To add to the danger, Mini Cell phone broadcasting transmitters are being installed at the same time and right next to the "Smart" Meters. "Need information and data relative to the creation and designed use of Smart Meters. Is this as I suspect to be used to identify areas in the USA and Britain to locate population groups that are of lower intelligence and subject to extermination. In short the kill off of the useless eaters and non productive groups. Blacks, Browns, Asians, lower class Whites etc . We suspect they will target these people for termination by ratcheting up the voltage to a point which would render them mumified, docile or dead. I believe the purpose of making smart meters mandatory is to enable the CIA, NSA and the dept of Naval Intelligence to soon determine which portions of the population are to be terminated in accordance with the Illuminazi plan to reduce the population by 95%. Obviously Kissinger, The Rothchilds, The Rockefellers, and others of this Evilarchy are party to this plan to reduce the population of the planet by 95%. Bill Gates, Ted The Terrible Turner, and other Malthusians are actively engaged in bringing about this mass murder that is obviously underway. We need those of you who understand how this grid system works and how the genicidal program is to be launched. Obviously this program out Hitlers Hitler. Nothing like it in the history of Mankind comes close to the carnage that could well be before us were we not to act. I need your help to put the pieces of this GeoGenicidal jigsaw puzzle together. Only those of you who have knowledge and information at the highest level need make contact. We need information with specifics explaining how this control grid is in place and how it can be dismantled." Thank You...Anthony J Hilder contact: Be a Whistle Blower Researcher or Serious Political Activist. Are you and executive and engineer in a positions of mid to hi gh level post won orking for a major electical provider in the USA, UK, or Sweden and have knowledge as to how much damage one of these Death Meters can do. We are hunting for whistle blowers. I will keep you identity visual and verbal from public views. Will do interviews behind screens and with voice alternators to cover the privacy issue. Weve already had two who have given us large amounts of pertinent information relative to the crimes now in the process of being committed.



THIS IS THE INTERNATIONAL AWARD-WINNING DOCUMENTARY "FULL SIGNAL" on youtube--it's only 61 minutes and covers the very real research on the health dangers of cellphones and cell towers that is suppressed in the US media.

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A parade of over 50 people opposed to wireless 'smart' meters state the reasons for their resistance in the lead-up to the precedent-sett ing California Public Utilities Commission's vote, which, despite its many flaws, represents an incremental victory for the growing international Stop Smart Meter movement. 
Rolling Back the Roll-Out
Well-intentioned, but miss-informed advocates of a world-wide, wireless energy grid are watching developments in California and elsewhere with consternation as their ill-conceived agenda begins to unravel due to massive and growing science-based public opposition and the plan's own internal technical problems.