They are put up for others to consider

Date: February 21, 2012 7:36:11 AM PST
Subject: FW: updated generic landlord legal notice plus tips re "Smart Meter" liability

Thought you might want this info. This guy (Sam) has some good tips for landlords
to protect themselves from the smart meters.


There are advertisements (like the one on "The Connection Magazine”  december 2011 issue) which urge sick people to
send their name and symptoms to the GOVERNMENT. According to Deborah Tovares
( the utilitiy companies are claiming that landlords
are responsible for all ill health effects from “Smart Meter” and there are
law firms ready to go after private property landlords, all they need is
clients. With sick people responding to this solicitation and the government
forwarding on their names and addresses to vicious lawfirms, lawsuits --
meant to destroy the American Middle Class and private property landlords --
can move forward by using those tenants made sick by "Smart Meters."

So, here are some practical tips for landlords to use to protect themselves
from the "United Nations" agenda to destroy private property via pushing off
legal liability for "Smart Meters" onto private landlords:


If any tenant moves out or wants to move away from a "Smart Meter/s" then
tell your utility they are now harming your ability to earn money, aka:
restraint of trade.


When you rent to new tenants make part of your lease agreement that the
tenant agree to hold you harmless -- agree to not sue you -- for any
possible negative health effects caused by "Smart Meter."

Also, as your old tenant's leases expire, incorporate the waiver into any
new lease they sign.


Post around your property that you are NOT legally responsible for any
damages done to tenants by "Smart Meter." Then in court, if it comes to
that, you can say "I put my tenants on notice that I was not legally
responsible for "Smart Meter's" effects and they continued to be a tenant.


Several people in Santa Cruz acted en mass dropping off "Smart Meters" which
I think was good, so look for other people who are trying to get rid of
their "Smart Meters" to act in concert with to draw attention to the issue.
Also, video tape the event even if you go alone and make sure to get any
information off of the "Smart Meter," like a serial number before dropping
it off.


Another tactic for landlords to use to reduce the negative health effects of
"Smart Meter" to your tenants is to have only ONE central "Smart Meter on
your apartment complex/s and then use your own analogue meters to determine
what the amount of energy each tenant used each month, and then you charge
them yourself. In other words, you get the entire bill for the entire
complex and use your own analogue meters to determine who owes how much. I
have seen this done in trailer parks, and an apartment complex in Santa
Cruz, and other places.


I have seen diesel generators -- but there are also gas and biodiesel --
used for entire college campuses so if need be, you might want to consider
becoming your own energy supplier -- even if temporarily if the utility cuts
off your units if you change the meters out yourself.

USE HEALTH AND PRIVACY AS YOUR "Competitive Advantage"

If the utilities don't stop this "Smart Grid" depopulation agenda, I
predict, savvy property owners will be able to market their apartments as
"Smart Meter Free Zones" and "Privacy Respecting Zones" and appeal to the
electrically sensitive and those who want their right to privacy protected,
and if/when other apartment owners are destroyed by, say, class actions
lawsuits, then other landlords who are aware of this "United Nations" agenda
could perhaps buy them, rip out the smart meters and repeat!!!


It's my understanding that the utilities are asserting that they are being
"Mandated," i.e., FORCED to deploy "Smart Meter" but this is a lie. Here is
a document that someone put together showing that it is only POLICY not
legal mandate. So, if you have not already read it I think this man proves
at minimum that the deployment of "Smart Meters" is not mandated but simply
utility policy. Here is the link:


Illegal "Tampering" requires INTENT to steal energy. It is a club which the
utilities are waving around. EMF Safety Network's lawyer responded to PG&E
with this refuting their implied charge of theft: "The California Penal Code
provides that tamper "means to rearrange, injure, alter, interfere with, or
otherwise prevent from performing a normal or customary function."1 With
respect to the provision of a utility, it is unlawful to do specified acts
with the intent to enable another person to do so, or with the intent to
deprive any utility of its full lawful charges for utility services.2

As stated, tampering as a crime, requires the specific intent to get the
utility service for a lower cost than that charged by, among other things,
preventing the utility meter from accurately measuring use by some means.

The replacement of a SmartMeter with an analog meter does not constitute
illegal tampering unless it is done with the intent to prevent the device
from accurately measuring electrical use. Although the disconnection of the
SmartMeter prevents it from recording electrical rates by, for example,
replacing it with a working analog meter that accurately records electrical
use, tampering has not occurred..."


In the Santa Cruz area in 2011 around a dozen home-owners/renters EN MASS
returned their "Smart Meters" to a PG&E bill-payment office after having
analogue meters installed instead. Each person returning their "Smart Meter"
was filmed describing the negative health effects that "Smart Meters" caused
them. Then they went into the office and left their "Smart Meters" at the
PG&E office. A few days later many of these same people had their
electricity cut off by PG&E. After a couple of days, PG&E backed down and
turned these people's power back on and put "JUMPERS" on instead of analog
meters, and are estimating these people's bills.

On the issue of utilities cutting off people's power: the "California Public
Utilities Code" says: "739.4.  (b) (3) (B) (ii) Prohibit the disconnection
of customers that have made, and are in compliance with, payment
arrangements offered by an electric or gas utility pursuant to this

I think it was illegal for PG&E to turn off those families power which is
important to know as more and more people start removing their "Smart


Generic Template for Landlords to put utilities on notice about "Smart
Meter" legal liability


This is my Template/open letter for California private landlords to protect
themselves from legal liability for the damages being caused by "Smart
Meters." Please feel free to edit it to suit your individual needs. I hope
you will use it as a model and pass it on to others to use in their
opposition to the United Nations' "Smart Grid" Panopticon, of which "Smart
Meters" is only one part.

For the best scientist and advocate against the DNA-zapping EMF devices
(WiFi, Cell Towers, Smart Meters, WiMax, cordless phones, cell phones etc.)
see Dr. Magda Havas' website at  .


An open letter to Southern California Edison (SCE), or PG&E, or any utility,

At my rental properties I have recently suffered the UNAUTHORIZED removal of
my analog electric meters and installation of "Smart Meters" put in their

As a landlord my primary concern is the health risk “Smart Meters” pose to
my tenants and myself.

You cannot force me to act against my best judgment and then open me to
lawsuits based on the actions you forced upon me: whomever, has the legal
responsibly must have the decision making authority.

With your actions ignoring my choice and FORCING “Smart Meter” on my
property and my tenants -- against my best due diligence to protect them --
I hereby declare you to be responsible for the ANY and ALL health effects of
“Smart Meters.”

Given the fact that the EMF's radiating from “Smart Meters” have been
classified as possible carcinogens, and given the fact that a California
utility (SCE) has verbally told another California landlord that landlords
are legally responsible for any ill health effects to tenants caused by your
“Smart Meters,” I have sent this letter to all of my tenants and I have
posted it on my rental property.

I hereby request that either you (utility X) put in writing that you
(utility X) accept responsibility for the health effects of “Smart Meter,”
or get them off of my property as soon as possible!

Further, I hereby request that you to reinstall my analog meters, or install
other ***ANALOG*** meter/s -- not digital -- at your own expense, and then
refrain from interfering with them and with my conducting my private rental
business in the future.

If (utility X's) actual concern is the safety of individuals then (utility
X) should have installed analog meters that are “UnderWriters Laboratory”
tested and which have a proven history and track record of safety; unlike
the “Smart Meters” which have neither UL certification, nor a long safe

As you did not ask and I did not give permission for what I deem to be
dangerous devices ("Smart Meters") to be installed at my rental business,
your actions taking my analog meters may constitute criminal trespass,
vandalism and grand theft. I am now considering filing charges against
(utility X) for breaking and entering, vandalism, criminal trespass and
grand theft.

It may interest you and others to know that there is no “mandate” for
California utility companies to install “Smart Meters” now, or ever. The
choice to use dangerous “Smart Meter” EMF technology is the utility's own
decision and they know there are much safer technologies available to
achieve the actual mandate of providing the infrastructure capability to
those costumers who voluntarily choose to have “time-variant” pricing at
some time in the future. If you check section (b) of article 745 of the
California Public Utility code, you will find that all that is mandated is
that (by 2014) California utilities provide any person who VOLUNTARILY wants
to participate in “time-based” pricing” the ability to do so. For more
details see:

It's important that everyone understand all of California's utility
companies have an obligation to obey the laws against theft, trespass,
vandalism, as well as the California “Public Utility Code.” An “easement” is
not a right to install a ticking time bomb on anyone's property.

Incidentally, it is my belief that the reason that the dangerous “Smart
Meters” have not been put through “UL” certification and approval is so that
no one can examine the exact nature of, and thus precise dangers of the
“Smart Meters” being deployed all across California, America and the World
(excluding Italy).

Finally, I believe that in holding private property owners legally
responsible for the negative health effects of “Smart Meter” there is an
intentional agenda promoting the destruction of private property rights and
thus the Middle Class in America (and the world) by opening landlords up to
lawsuits from ill tenants.



(Please feel free to use this as a template, in part or in whole, and to
pass it on around!)


Comment from Jerry -

I have never seen any contract (easement) in which I agreed for my property to be radiated and spied upon. If such "easement" exists, it is presumed, not signed by me. In case I was tricked into signing that, or that "easement" was being presumed, my legal notice revokes all such contracts.

There is nothing wrong with the "not through my body" argument. In fact there is a genius to it. By claiming right to transmit SOMETHING through your house, they are admitting they are transmitting it through you body without consent or easement. Our power company has argued the "beam" is "directed" and doesn't pass through the house. That is an obvious lie, but if it were true, then they would not need any easement to transmit through the house. There is almost no doubt that someone in the power companies or behind the digital meters will eventually go to prison. This is a probable example of the information that can lead to that. THEY ADMIT RADIATING THROUGH OUR HOMES IF THAT IS IN THEIR "EASEMENT". Electromagnetic radiation has been shown to cause cancer, birth defects and neurological illness. They are screwing themselves. All the public needs to do is keep pushing. It will probably come to a head in a tort lawsuit. That is a lengthy process, but my legal notice is a perfect first step. Unfortunately in our corrupt system you have to refuse to be violated or you have no grounds to sue.

South Redondo Beach Residents Believe Stray Voltage Is Causing Unexplained Illnesses

Electrical ground currents are caused by "dirty" electricity from modern electrical usage overloading the neutral wire.  The current which cannot flow on the neutral wire returns across the earth causes situations as described below.  In order to address this problem, electrical devices should be required to be engineered so that they do not put "dirty" electricity or electronic sewage on the neutral wire.  Additionally, a neutral wire sufficiently sized for modern electrical usage and an actual ground wire should be required - in other words a five-wire system.  For more about the link between "stray voltage", electrical pollution, and electrical ground currents please see the introduction page at


This article originally appeared in CBS Local - Los Angeles

SOUTH REDONDO BEACH (CBS) — A group of SoCal mothers believe electricity is making their families sick.

CBS2’s Paul Magers spoke with these residents to find out why they think nearby power lines and their neighborhood substation is creating unsafe living conditions.

“This is my hair loss from one shower,” said Lori Barber, a resident in South Redondo Beach.

(credit: CBS)

“I absolutely worry about health issues,” Doris Don-Lou Richmond, another mother in the area, told us.

Mary Contreras is another mother who said her daughter has been experiencing a variety of gastrointestinal problems and that half of her esophagus is paralyzed.

These women offered story after story of unexplained medical issues that have been affecting them and their families in recent months.

Their neighborhood is lined with schools and churches – and a Southern California Edison substation which sounds out electricity to the city of Redondo Beach.

When you first arrive in the neighborhood you may not notice the substation, innocuously surrounded by green hedges. Many residents said they didn’t even realize the substation was there until after they purchased their homes.

The first 5 homes to be built on Barber family’s street were used to house the Edison employees that worked at the facility. They had intended to tear down the homes and building to expand the substation.

However, Edison sold the homes in the ‘90s. The Barbers bought one of those residences in April 2010 from a previous owner and their baby Adelaide was born in November of that same year.

Three months later, their Barbers said their daughter was diagnosed with unexplainable gastrointestinal issues.

“I can’t help but believe it’s related to living here,” Barber said. “I have a 14-month-old baby girl that was just in the hospital last month with issues that we still don’t 100 percent have answers for or that just don’t make sense.”

Mary Contreras lives around the corner, directly behind the substation, and didn’t have answers for her son’s or daughter’s illnesses either, or the headaches that plague her daily.

“My son, he was diagnosed with a tumor, with a lot of joint problems,” Contreras said.

(credit: CBS)

There is no proof what caused these illnesses but these residents believe electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by the Edison power lines are making them ill.

Barber’s husband, Tom, showed us the power lines surrounding his home.

“We have a situation that we have electricity from high from both sides, high from over there and underground from in front of the house,” Tom Barber said.

“You’re in your own boxed-in microwave.”

At their request, Edison has been out to measure the EMFs in all of their homes. Edison notes on its paperwork that one milligauss is the average reading in most homes. The company reported that this South Redondo community had readings that ranged between 4.1 – 32.6.

Edison said EMF readings vary based on what is inside a home: not all readings relate to power lines.

Doris Don-Lou Richmond has EMFs ranging from 5.4 – 13.9 on her property and an electrically charged gas line. The gas company’s marked her meter “11 Volts” – alerting employees to stay clear.

“It’s been three and a half years, they haven’t resolved the issue, and there’s no notation on my account other than they are not allowed to touch my gas line due to it being electrically charged,” Richmond said.

Another neighbor purchased the Edison home closest to the substation. Simona Wilson believes something called “stray voltage” is seeping into her shower and has jolted her body, causing nerve damage.

“When we learned about Simona’s situation we kind of thought it was interesting and we started reaching out to people,” Barber said.

Wilson vacated her home last September and has filed a lawsuit claiming that Edison was aware of the stray voltage for the past 20 years. She recently underwent a hysterectomy, a medical issue she also believes is linked to the Edison substation.

“I just feel horrible that we’re sitting here together while one of our neighbors is having surgery,” Barber said.

“Obviously, we’re not the only people on this block that have an issue and if you didn’t raise hell about it they weren’t coming to your house,” Barber said, referring to Edison.

CBS2 took their concerns straight to Edison.

“Certainly, I don’t dismiss customers’ frustration but to sort of characterize that we have not been engaged in trying to solve issues, you know, it’s unfortunate,” said Steve Conroy, of SoCal Edison.

“The first complaint that we actually received was around 2004, and it had to do with an issue of stray voltage,” Conroy said.

(credit: CBS)

It turns out that was not the case. Edison later corrected their information in an email stating they made disclosures about EMF readings and were aware of stray voltage issues as early as 1999 – years before some of these women even moved into the neighborhood.

Conroy cited scientific studies when concluding that there was no direct correlation between EMF and health concerns.

“There’s no evidence to say EMF is safe,” according to Dr. De-Kun Li, Ph.D., of the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute. He’s studied electromagnetic fields for 15 years.

Li said no one is certain which EMF levels are safe and which are dangerous. However, his research recently linked EMF exposure to miscarriages and asthma. He says even though there’s no federal standard on EMFs people need to know to take precautions.

“My study shows above two milligause could be potentially problematic, particularly when exposed for a long time,” Li said.

That’s why the Barbers said they moved out last November.

“I’m leaving,” Contreras said. “I can’t stand to put my children and my husband and myself at risk.”

“If Edison is not willing to buy back our house or give us back what we’ve put into it we’ve potentially have lost it,” Lori Barber said.

And for many families along Knob Hill there are too many unanswered questions.

“I want to know why I have electricity in my gas line and I want it fixed,” Richmond said.

“There are substations in neighborhoods that don’t have EMFs or stray voltage – so, why does this one?” Barber asked.

Some residents are concerned about the possible effect of the electricity on nearby schools.

Alta Vista Elementary School sent a note home to parents after CBS2 reported on the situation earlier this week, saying both Southern California Edison and the gas company have checked the school and believe there’s no threat.

Edison said the company will work with Simona Wilson’s family on the stray voltage issue and says she can even hire the contractor of her choice to fix the problem.

The company also said they are working with the gas company to determine if there’s any stray voltage on the gas line.

This article originally appeared in CBS Local - Los Angeles