To Mayor Golonski
and Councilmembers of the City of Burbank,

Just as DDT, Asbestos, Tobacco and
may other toxins eventually became banned or highly regulated,
electromagnetic radiation is as well, because the health and
environmental damage from EMR is far more extensive than any of those
other toxic compounds.

The Burbank City Council has badly failed to do the proper research and
make the necessary decisions under clear and numerous warnings, and now
there is question of criminal negligence by certain members of the City
Council. The hour is late.

Even though you have been informed of these facts in various ways, and
even though you have had, for years, the responsibility to know and
respond appropriately to these facts the Council acts as if no
information has been presented that indicates risks and harm of EMR.
This deliberate and false "ignorance" has required notice after notice,
meeting after meeting and is generally, at this point, simple nuisance,
provocation and harassment of those of us who are attempting to assist
the Council in complying with the law and protect the health, safety and
rights of Burbank residents.

The attached document is yet another example of research that shows
Burbank to be in default and failing to recognize the obvious. When
injuries, illnesses and Federal lawsuits based on Fourth Amendment
rights start to arise against the members of the Council and the City of
Burbank, the question will be "Why, after receiving this information,
did you fail to take action?" The answer to that question will cause you
and the city to lose those lawsuits unless electric meters, cell towers
and wi-fi "hot-spots" are regulated far more vigorously than they
currently are.

It is irresponsible and negligent to wait for the harm to occur and the
lawsuits to roll in before taking the obvious necessary actions. The
facts are known and readily available to you.


Jerry Day