Microwave Frequencies Being Used Secretly and Covertly as Stealth Weapons
Frequencies Targeting Athletes—London Olympics
International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies--ICAACT
ICAACT Interviews Dr. Barrie Trower
The ICAACT was given an exclusive interview with Dr. Barrie Trower whose long career has been involved in the abuse of microwave weapons used against humanity and what can be done to protect against them.
Microwave weapons have been around for 50-60 years and have taken many different forms and is now used in different types of targeting even to the point of death worldwide.
This interview was filed on May the 1st and 2nd, 2012.
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Subject:  London Olympics
Dr. Trower:  The Olympics, this was a big case.  I was contacted by somebody in a government, a very high official in a government.  A prime minister, some ministers and some Olympic athletes were being targeted.  People did detect microwaves around the athletes and I was called in as one of the scientists to try to explain what was happening.  And I was asked to write quite a lengthy document, took about two days and two nights, with all of the proof to show that government officials can be targeted for various reasons, to have them make false decisions, or bad decisions, or for blackmail.  With the Olympic team it is possible to make Olympic athletes lethargic and if you can take just two or three seconds off of an Olympic athlete’s time, you lose the Gold Medal, but similarly you can also stimulate an Olympic athlete.  There are frequencies you can use that will stimulate the brain and stimulate hormones and enzymes that will stimulate the body.
Question:  Would that be illegal?
 Dr. Trower:  Not really.  You see, according to the government microwaves are safe.  If you are bombarding someone with something that is safe, and according to the government has no effect, I mean, lawyers would spend a month arguing over this.  Now if you stimulate a hormone or a chemical in the body that enhances circulation which enhances oxygen intake which enhances muscle activity which speeds up the brain, is that the same as taking an enhancing drug?  You’re not really taking a chemical in; you’re stimulating what is already there.  Now lawyers would argue for a month over this and probably still not come to a conclusion.  For instance, the adrenal glands or the kidneys, you could send beams directly to the adrenal glands, and we know this could happen; the endocrine glands would produce adrenaline which you wouldn’t normally produce in a race.  Adrenaline is only produced generally if you are about to die.  If I leapt up now with a knife and started to attack you, you would produce adrenaline which would give you super strength, super speed, super brain activity to fight me off.  So if you target these glands, and it isn’t just the adrenal, target these glands with the correct pulse frequency that will induce the hormone or the enzymes to be released then you are giving your athlete a distinct advantage but it is untraceable when they do the drug tests at the end of the races, it is just an ordinary natural orderly hormone, or enzyme, or chemical.  There is nothing artificial there so technically it would be untraceable.  And theoretically you could probably win most of the gold medals with long jump, high jump, running, with anything.  You could probably win mostly gold medals if you were to target your athletes in this way. 
Question:  Do we have any idea or not whether there are any measures taken to guard any Olympic athletes against such attacks?

Dr. Trower:  I suspect not.  And the reason I suspect not is that if you think of all the countries in the Olympics they don’t have our knowledge.  They weren’t involved in the Cold War from the fifties even to the present day.  They weren’t involved in the Cold War so they won’t have the electromagnetic expertise that the United States, Australia, Britain, Canada have.  They won’t have that form of expertise and most of the documentation dealing with this is secret.  And the ones that are not secret you have to know that they exist and how to get them and where to get them and then you’ve got to know how to understand them.  So I would think that very few countries are aware of this.  Of those that are aware I would imagine that they will have detectors and they will be looking out for this.  Whether they will be transmitting on other countries I don’t know but I suspect they will certainly be checking to see that nobody is transmitting on them.
Question:  Basically that would be up to the individual country to send equipment to detect those frequencies?
Dr. Trower:  I would use a spectrum analyzer, very similar to the one you have there and I would monitor any incoming radiation to see who it’s aimed at and what the pulse frequencies are.  They would interest me.  And I would also make sure that there was some form of detector, if I were organizing it, in the track where the running track is to make sure that no one is being beamed once they are running and somebody could do it virtually with a handheld transmitter.  It’s not difficult to beam microwaves for a short period of time provided you have a decent power supply.
Question:  Are we speaking handheld, something that could be concealed in a camera?
Dr. Trower:  Easy, easy.  You would need the technology to put it together and you would need a decent power source but it could quite easily be done, you know with a pair of binoculars.  It could easily be done.
Question:  There have been cases.  Should the organizers behind the Olympics have measurements to consider as doping?
Dr. Trower:  They should have detectors to detect if countries are using microwave transmitters.  Now it doesn’t have to be on the track or near the track.  You could have a microwave if you’re aiming at a specific person you could be quite a distance away especially if they are being tracked by one of the systems known as Celldar by computer.  In fact you could have a van several streets away and it could beam right through the houses to the athlete when the athlete is asleep, when the athlete is walking around, when the athlete is on the track, it’s quite easy to follow somebody and beam them.  The technology is there.  It’s been known for forty years that this could be done.
Part II with Barrie Trower
Dr. Barrie Trower:  In the 1960’s, very early 1960’s, I trained with the government microwave warfare establishment.  I looked at all aspects of microwave warfare and when I finished my time in the military I was an agent, I don’t like the word secret agent because people think of James Bond and I wasn’t military intelligence.  I was an agent.  I collected information secretly and I spent 11 years collecting information from spies who were a very small part of my work. The job I had was to talk to people and find out why they were doing what they were doing on a humane conversational level and this was with the spies and to find out why they were there.  What I can’t do is go into details.  I’ve probably had 40-50 very, very top secret conversation in my travels.  Two of them have been where two leaders of countries have died and the successive person who spoke to me believed that they were killed by microwave radiation.  And when they investigated the death they believed it was from microwave radiation  . . .  two leaders of countries.  If I’m talking to a spy and I want to find out where the spy was trained, how the spy was recruited over the five year period of training, it’s going to take years and years and years.  But if you want to talk about microwave technology they’ll just talk about it over a biscuit and a cup of tea.  It wasn’t secret.  Most countries talked openly about it.  People didn’t know about it.  It wasn’t general knowledge.  You wouldn’t meet a person in the supermarket and ask have you got a chip in you, but people who had them and they knew they had them, they would go around talking about them and other people would talk about them.  I’m familiar with the NSA.  I mean voices are the easiest ones (to create) because all you have to do is stimulate the cochlea with a set frequency.  It’s very easy.  Voices are very easy.  And it isn’t that people are imagining voices.  They physically hear them.  They physically hear as I’m talking to you.  My voice isn’t inside your brain.  My voice goes no further than an inch into your ear.  It’s the electrical signal that makes you interpret how I sound and once you’ve got this electrical signal which can be a chip or lots of things you can physically make people hear voices.   It can cause insanity and it was an experiment to take an ordinary sane person, cause insanity and have a psychiatrist, who was unknown to everybody, diagnose schizophrenia or paranoia or a psychiatric illness.  That was a successful outcome and the person would spend the rest of their life in an asylum and in misery but to the government scientists that was a success.
I’ve never known a single person that could not be brainwashed.  I’ve never known one.  Three weeks.  I could make you kill somebody within three weeks.  And I dare say it has been done quite a few times.  I had an interesting phone call about this chap in Norway that killed 70 people.  And somebody asked could somebody be programmed to do that?  Without any hesitation the answer is easily, absolutely easily.  And each program had hundreds of subprograms and the budget went into billions.  I do know one experiment, just to give you examples, I know that they found that with one of the subheadings was the microwaves on pregnant women and they found that they could cause a 57.7% increase of miscarriages in pregnant women which is just one experiment.  What you’re doing is killing 57% of all the children.  If you’re going to attack a uterus and a child you can’t get much lower and this is what they were all about.    Scientists at the end of the war were hanged for what scientists today are doing and getting away with, absolutely.  If you want to microwave as the documents show, protestors, like the ladies at Greenham Common, and it was a peaceful protest, all they were doing were camping outside the perimeter of the American base and there was no violence, no swearing, no shouting, it was a peaceful protest and it was found that from the American base the ladies were being microwaved, and it was measured.  They were being microwaved to make them sick and in fact when the figures came out there was a disproportionate amount of tumors, personality changes, suicidal tendencies of the ladies.  They were deliberately microwaved by the Americans for protesting about their base.  I do know that in Afghanistan and other countries it is certainly used.  I do know that Muslims are targeted.  I think it shows where you are when you target a whole group of Muslims who are praying.  Most of them are probably just ordinary Muslims who are going to church.  They’re not fighting people.  But what you’re doing, like when we targeted the Catholics in Northern Ireland, we are now saying that we are going to attack this whole religious group regardless and I think that is wrong.  The questions always come around to Tetra and they always come around to aggressive behavior from the police since they started using Tetra.  Politicians are targeted because they are decision makers.  Almost everybody has done something in their life that they would not like the rest of the country to know.  It may be sexual.  It may be a weakness in another direction.  But almost everybody, and if you’re in the secret services or any other agency, if you can get a politician, you’re okay . . . they will make decisions on your behalf.
Right now during the London Olympics, August 4, 2012, many people who know about weaponized frequencies are asking . . .
Could the Olympic Games be a form of demonstrating weaponized dominance between nations and really not about legitimate athletic performance and fair play?