Switched Mode Power Supplies
I have been discussing with many of you over the months the topic of dirty electricity, or dirty power, generated by switched mode power supplies (SMPSs), particularly in smart meters.

You will find the information in the email below from Rob States, an engineer in San Francisco, to be quite fascinating. You can also listen to his thirty minute radio interview with an online radio show. In that interview, Rob gives his reasons why he believes smart meters are so nasty for people. 

Rob speaks about transient voltage spikes from SMPSs in smart meters being very sharp and fast, on the order of 70,000 Volts/second. He says this is necessary for the smart meter to work. This waveform is much faster than the spikes caused by SMPSs in appliances we have had in our houses for decades (computers, printers, etc.) and to which people, even the EHS, are accustomed. Rob also discusses how these fast spikes from smart meter SMPSs travel throughout the house and neighborhood, and their synchronized nature from many houses simultaneously.

This sheds a great deal of light on the issue of why some EHS clients are so affected by smart meters, where they could tolerate other devices up until now. This has been a mystery to me, and I realize it is not just from the RF, because the Itron smart meters used in Southern California have a power flux density much lower than other brands of smart meters used elsewhere in the country and Canada. My own Gigahertz Solutions HF-35C used by a friend of mine in Washington, DC measured over 2,000 uW/m2 at over 30 feet for a GE brand smart meter, while that same meter measures only 8,000-15,000 uW/m2 at 3 feet and 300 uW/m2 at 8-10 feet for Itron Openway smart meters here in Southern California. I measure much more than that at the same distances from cordless phone base units, Wi-Fi-enabled routers and certain cell phones.


When I first got into the SM movement, my utility "paid me a visit" - with a State Senator and two utility henchmen - one named Michael Hertz.  Hm, small world.  They were pretty smug.  That was 200,000 views of my Dark Side video ago.

I'm to busy to keep in touch with everyone I need to, so I'll just email blast this to the planet.

I collaborate with a PhD Electrical Engineer on the SMPS.  You are not far off.  First, utilities hire the handicapped - good engineers just never work for them.  The high priced talent at ANY utility are the economists and sociologists who bamboozle the public utility commissions.  I figure the bribery guys are also pretty well paid.

But the guys that blew it were the manufacturers.  The SMPS shows up on the test bench as a 4 volt ripple on a 120 volt signal - not worth bothering about.  But I am constantly astounded by how deadly that signal is.  First, is SURROUNDS you in your house - and I think the mode of conduction to the inhabitants is the ambient electrostatic field, which is nearly impossible to shield.  Sensitives get DEADLY SICK soon after exposure, and after that they are SENSITIVE.  They can't go places that they used to.  You ight be able to build a wave trap to stop it, but the signal is load dependent, so it moves its frequency around.  

Here is my tutorial on dirty power.

I have done a TON of field work on measuring and fixes.  I think the electrostatic field is what has consistently stalled progress.  We are also hard pressed to measure ground currents.  If you have engineers, get them to listen to Dave Stetzer on the Deagle show.

In a community with Smart Meters, there is a significant increase in ground currents, and no one I know has figured out how to measure them.  If you can't measure it, you can't fix it.  Ground currents would get into your house through power, through your grounding rod, through your water line, through your gas line.  Isolating all of those just on speculation is easily $10K.

There are some nutritional strategies for reducing symptoms.  Deagle has some remedies (mentioned in the Stetzer interview).  One biochemist recommended a high cholesterol diet.  One sensitive uses vitamin C after being RF dosed.  Currently, we don't have an effective network to collect and disseminate practical tips.  Everyone who get this disease has NO HELP - doctors are useless.  Some of the devices on Less EMF make symptoms much worse.  Currently, it is all a crap shoot.  

Sensitive can't use computers - death on a stick.  That means the can't ORGANIZE.  Double death on a stick.  And this group is going to be pivotal in our future legal actions.  I think sensitives should run a laptop, but remote the screen - DON'T SIT NEAR THE COMPUTER.  The LCD screens seem to be much quieter, but visit an electronics store, stand near a screen or two, and see if one of them doesn't bother you.  You also remote the keyboard and mouse on a USB signal.  If the screen or keyboard extension wires gives you trouble, you can ground shield them.  The big problem with laptops are the DC to DC converters and their external power supplies, but you can put those a ways away, and if need be, could build a Faraday cage, or a mu metal cage around it.  Engineers and physicists know how to design a fix like that, so recruit one.

Dr. Bill Deagle used a magnetic pulse machine to improve his EMH symptoms.  It is a $20K machine, but you can lease them.  I'm working on a strategy where I assemble enough sensitives to load up a machine for a few weeks.  I then approach a chiropractor and say, lease this machine and I'll supply you with enough customers to pay its early lease.  If this works out, you will have an endless stream of customers, and all by word of mouth.

A "chiropractor", you say.  Here's the deal.  The bankers have medicine pretty well sewn up.  I could tell stories, but to cut to the chase, the chiropractic profession jumped through hoops for decades (over the continuous suppression of the FDA) to get independent certification.  There are SOME chiropractic offices that just crack your bones.  But SOME offices have a back room, with a dark field microscope, a Rife machine, a Rhodin coil, ... every suppressed piece of goods on the planet.  The CAN NOT ADVERTISE, but if their entire clientele comes from referrals, this is a way around things.  So, the chiropractor you would approach about leasing an PMT-100 has a back room like this.

We beat Southern California Edison in a small claims suit a couple of months ago.  I need to type up the details, so maybe this weekend.  We have the legal brief they used in court (PDF files).  I also have the whole trial on a scratchy MPG file - if there is a volunteer, we could get a transcript out on the proceedings.  

To all of you, from my grateful heart,