For more information on the Bigger picture SUSCRIBE (please) to my page and watch all of my videos. Get Informed, Be Active! These videos clearly portray the mainstream media wittily selecting the most positive benefit of the RFID chip to mesmerize the masses with. This is 100% entirely false. It is very well known in science that your body is basically a biological computer. The RFID Chip will be the data base. Your every move you make, breathe you take or thought you have will be followed by their national database. Have you ever heard of tapping phones? Well, we all submissively agreed that we would allow that for our safety and now they want us to allow this?? Pretty soon you will not be able to buy or sell without this chip. Its time to start looking at the biblical prophesies with an open mind my friends. For Further information, and there is a lot, but the evidence is enough to convince anyone I can assure you, please contact me at thank you and show as many of your family members, neighbors and friends my videos and visit to explain to your loved ones that this is only a form of ultimate control, and ultimately the final stage to their deadly plan.