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REMOTELY - Kidnaping YOUR Brain  Magnus Olsson Mind Control Victim

 Magnus Olsson Mind Control Victim - YouTube

These advanced technologies are being used by the criminals in the military, in major Institutes, universities, DARPA, CIA, FBI, DOD, many major corporations - and must be exposed . . . Listen carefully to this interview and understand this is not only happening in Sweden this "remote" deep brain stimulation is occurring to victims all over the world . . .The Nasa War Plan, says on page 12 - "Technological Ages of Humankind" - VIRTUAL - what does this mean?  This technology is creating a false reality by thought intrusion, whereby, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) commit torture, mental and physical pain using artificial intelligence (AI).   It has been said this technology will replace the need for the human brain and ultimately replace individuals thoughts into a "Global Mind". . eliminating the need for humans . . . You will learn from this interview that the Karolinska Institute, in Sweden has a department that is engaged in using these weapons against individuals . . . This is Quantum computing being used for Mind Theft - Invasion of the human brain with artificial intelligence (AI) to control specific thoughts, emotions, and direct physical actions onto and into unsuspecting human beings . . The is the END of "free will" as we have known it . . .