Of course, we know the United States is being torn apart by a ruthless force that relies upon covert means and has infiltrated and conscripted vast human and material resources.  We have been warned throughout history and most people do not realize the evil that is in our midsts.    Please read Silent Weapons Quiet Wars and the other source documents . . .

Knowledge is POWER . . 

Alarming - The Environmental Defense Fund 2011 Tax Return - States Sneaky Expenses all based upon Fraudulent Science. . .

Wow, that is so stunning...EDF made 150 million last year.  And of course the director, Fred Krupp took a salary of half a mil.  This is where contributions to this "non profit" are going.  
The EDF is BEGGING for more exposure. 

Environmental Defense Fund - 
here is their tax return for year ending 2011...  


Look at page 29 all the foreign countries they listed "grant making" . . .

Note on page 38-41 grant to organizations - pg. 39 #3 Turner Foundation, Inc.  Keep in mind The Turner Foundation (Ted Turner) is funding the Wildlands Project

Page. 55 - Climate and Energy - Dancing with the Grid.  "It's ALL About Timing" . . . go to the tax return and read more . . . .

Page 56 - "Climate change is our MOST formidable challenges.  Cleaner energy sources and greater energy efficiency will cut carbon pollution and help stabilize the climate."

Goals - 
Win Permanent Cuts in U.S. Global Warming Pollution
Spur Development of a Smart Electric Grid
Help WIN Carbon Limits in KEY Countries . .

Read page 57 - 

A NEW World of Energy - The U.S. energy system is at a crossroads, with NEW opportunities to reduce pollution.  After a BIG WIN in California, EDF is working across the country to transform the way electricity is generated, transmitted and used.

Borrego Sprins, Calif., population 3,500 is a throwback to America's past.  The high desert community of Purblo-style houses, 80 miles northeast of San Diego, has no traffic lights and no big-box stores.

Behind the sleepy facade, Borrego Springs, in So. Calif. is a laboratory of technologies that could transform the nation's energy future.  It's where San Diego Gas and Electric, working with the Envir. Defense Fund and others, is field testing elements of a $3.6 Billion Plan to modernize the power grid.

Page 58 -

The main impetus for change is California's landmark global warming Solutions Act AB32, which EDF cosponsored and helped pass.  In October 2011, the state adopted America's first economy-wide cap-and-trade program for carbon emissions.

Generating electricity is the largest source of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Page 59

"EDF has played an indispensable role in ensuring our smart grid investments deliver environmental returns."  . . . Michael Peevy, President California Public Utilities Commission

Climate Corps: on Energy's front lines - "Deployed" across America Each summer, specially trained MBA students have identified more then one million tons of carbon dioxide pollution reductions.

Page 61

EDF Climate Corps, the Program, is poised to grow even further.  ELF's main goal for the Corps?  To train a new generation of executives to lead the transition to a low-carbon economy.

The Obama administration also issued the first-ever fuel economy standards for large trucks and buses, requiring a 20% cut in greenhouse gas emissions from heavy trucks by 2018.

Page 62

EDF - partnered with Levi Strauss.  Helping jeans go green in China . . .(40% of jeans sold in America are made in China)

Page 63

International Climate - Tackling global warming pollution, nation by nation by 2050, the world MUST cut greenhouse gas pollution if half or face climate  chaos.  

Page 64 -

A film starts a dialogue - to spark action on climate change in India, EDF produced a popular film that links global warming and rural development.  The film and its climate workshop have been seen in 500 "villages". 

Low-carbon development - EDF and partners are promoting low-carbon development in India through clean technology, including clean-burning stoves and climate-friendly farming.  This year our projects reached 160,000 families.  (Note: high suicide rate in farming communities, due to weaponized weather and crop failure).

Page 66 -

Environmental enforcement remains weak in China, so EDF is helping to strengthen penalties for violations.  EDF helped set tougher national penalties for water pollution, and Chins is now considering a similar policy for air pollution.  EDF is working with Chinese universities and have trained 8,400 environmental professionals who will enforce penalties and introduce market incentives to cut pollution.

Page 76 -

"Farms could become havens for wildlife, and farmers could be frontline stewards of clean water, fresh air and a healthy climate.  They will need to be, if our plant is to sustain a growing population."  (refer to the "Club of Rome" and depopulation plan) .

Page 86 -

EDF is fighting for the CleanAir Act and a strong EPA . EDF launched the Moms Clean Air Force.  (No mention of the governments toxic daily dumps of poison on all of us from the military jets loaded with canisters they spray on us, hum? "Weather Modification")

Page 87 - 

Dirty air imposes steep costs on human health.  Coal-fired power plants are the largest source of sulfur dioxide and particulate pollution is the air.

Environmental Defense Fund - 
here is their tax return for year ending 2011...