Children On Leashes Tied To The Walls While Their Parents Work . . .

This is "exactly" what the agenda of the NWO is intending to reduce all of us to.  

Absolute Control Absolutely . . .

The International Criminal Cartel (the Globalists) are collapsing the American economy, fast, and sending the manufacturing overseas.  We then promote their scheme of planned economic takeover when we purchase ANYTHING made in China. . . and through our indulgences as a consumer nation we fund the impoverishment and slave labor and contribute in the demise of a once strong people. The mega corporate chains are mostly run by the globalist, most of whom are members of the CFR.  The CFR's Goal . . a One World Government enslaving global societies and reduction of the population.

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Young Chinese children tied on a leash in Zhejiang while their parents work.

From XiCi:

Zhejiang Haining kiln workers have no choice but to tie their children by the windows when they go to work

2010 April 20, at a certain brick/tile factory in Dingqiao of Haining in Zhejiang province, many kiln workers’ sons and daughters have been tied to the workshop windows with rope by their parents. The reason the parents have done this is because they do not have time to look after their children yet are afraid of their children running around and getting into an accident. As it is understood, these children are tied to the windows for nearly 10 hours every day.

A child tied to a window with a rope at a brick factory in Zhejiang China.

A little boy sitting on the ground of a brick factory workship in Zhejiang China.

Two little Chinese children tied to windows in Zhejiang. Their parents tie them up so they do not run around and get into accidents.

A mother checks on her son while passing by outside the window the child is tied to.

A little Chinese boy cries, a rope tying him like a leash to a window.

Comments from XiCi: