WATER Thieves: New Current Water and Land LAWS – Environmental Defense Fund EDF

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SKYWATER – Advanced Air-to-Water Technology a TOXIC Water Scheme . . .



Skywater Advanced Air-to-Water Technology®

Don’t be TRICKED with this scheme.  SKYWATER is polluted atmospheric water which contains poisons from Geoengineering, bomb testing, industrial pollution and more.  Highly Poisonous!
Remember, water does not originate from the AIR/SKY.  The water facts are being hidden by governments and agencies that are PROFITING from hiding reality.  Water is a renewable, abundant, clean and easy to access.  The source of ALL water is called Primary Water.  We are NOT running out of water.  
Learn the water FACTS listen to the YouTube video “Primary Water Explained” and go toPrimaryWater.org and PrimaryWaterInstitute.org . . .   

SKYWATER – Advanced Air-to-Water Technology a solution to water shortages worldwide 

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WATER METERING: Expanding the Possibilities of AMI: Four Advantages Provided by NaaS – WaterWorld


Expanding the Possibilities of AMI: Four Advantages Provided by NaaS

For most water utilities, walking from meter-to-meter in support of monthly or quarterly billing is a thing of the past. Even mobile reads, which drive greater efficiencies, aren’t enough to meet increasing demands to improve customer service, reduce non-revenue water, aid conservation initiatives, and share meter data across other departments.

If your water utility is looking to do more, while staying open to the growing possibilities of deploying a Smart Water AMI Network, consider the benefits of Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). Your utility can save significant time, labor, and money—and instead focus on core water needs.

As a managed network service, NaaS provides for greater operational efficiency, reduces AMI infrastructure costs, helps manage technology migration, and positions your utility to leverage a Smart Water Network for additional IoT/M2M applications.

This white paper is sponsored by Neptune Technology Group.

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