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Dear Friends and Colleagues >> Dangerous mRNA COVID19 Not-Vaccines TH2 Macrophage Inhibition Proinflammatory ITP, Cytokine Storms, Neurological Cardiac, Cancer, Autoimmune DIsorders and DEATH !!! See these Important Videos … Then Ask Questions The FACTS are Settled VAERS CDC 1/29/21 is IN !!!

Dear Friends and Colleagues >> 

Dangerous mRNA COVID19 Not-Vaccines TH2 Macrophage Inhibition Proinflammatory ITP, Cytokine Storms, Neurological Cardiac, Cancer, Autoimmune DIsorders and DEATH !!! See these Important Videos … Then Ask Questions The FACTS are Settled VAERS CDC 1/29/21 is IN !!!

Dr Sherry Tenpenny DO Vaxxter.com Expert on COVID19 Toxic PseudoVaccines 



501 Deaths + 10,748 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine, Latest CDC Data Show




Urgent: Dr Carrie Madej – Vaccine will make us Transhuman – There’s No Going Back.


This is not a Vaccine! It’s Gene Therapy!


The Mark of the Beast exposed by Dr. Carrie Madej


Leaked Tape: Zuckerberg Told Facebook Employees ‘Vaccines Modify DNA and RNA’


Songbird | Official Trailer [HD] | On Demand Everywhere December 11

Doctors and nurses giving the covid-19 vaccine will be tried as war criminals




Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned To Usher In The New World Order

Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M 

Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Causes “Monsterism”

Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccination, which the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved on 18 December, may cause recipients to experience an extremely rare but potentially lethal side effect—Monsterism, a degenerative disease that ravages a victim with physical and mental deformities.

A Moderna whistleblower speaking under condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation said 3 of the 30,000 trial candidates began showing symptoms of the horrible disease shortly after receiving the second dose of the two-part vaccination. Since half of all volunteers were given a placebo, the true number of afflicted was 3 in 15,000, or 0.02%, and while that figure might seem statistically insignificant, it is critical because, our source said, Moderna concealed the unintended side effect from both the FDA and the volunteers who had not yet received the second inoculation. The US government sponsored Moderna’s vaccine to the tune of one billion dollars.

The first symptomatic victim telephoned Moderna two days following the vaccination. He complained of headaches, nausea, unusual body hair growth, and upper abdominal post-prandial extensions; a Moderna representative assured him the symptoms were “normal and nothing to worry about,” but instructed him to seek medical attention at a local emergency room if symptoms persisted into the next morning.

“The patient—I’ll call him James—rushed to the ER the next morning. He was fucked. His head had grown three times its normal size, and his face was covered in warts that oozed a gelatinous, green puss. On top of that, every tooth in his mouth literally exploded. He was rushed to a COVID-19 isolation ward, where over the next several hours he grew fur from head to toe. He looked like Chewbacca,” our source said.

French Billionaire and Moderna CEO Stephan Bancel refused to believe his company’s vaccination was responsible for James’s “sudden transformation,” and allegedly told clinicians that medical screening must have missed an underlying condition. He decided at once to strike any mention of the incident from public record and cautioned employees against violating signed non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreements. Bancel “donated” an undisclosed sum of money to several hospital administrators in exchange for their silence, promising that James’s case would be an isolated incident.

But two weeks later it happened again. A thirty-two-year-old woman checked herself into a local ER after coming down with a case of the fits after getting her second injection. While under observation, the female patient grew tufts of hair on her back and boils on her face, and days later her cranium doubled in size, leading physicians to believe she had contracted a rare tropical disease.

“When her fingernails fell out and she grew talons, the staff knew they had a serious problem,” our source said. “The woman got violent. She could no longer speak, not as we understand speech, and began clawing at hospital staff. They restrained her, but not before a nurse was grievously wounded. The woman was flown to the same place as the first victim. I believe they’ve expired, though I’m not certain.”

Moderna’s upper echelons, he added, concluded that a potential side effect of the vaccine is biological regression, or “Monsterism,” an irreversible process by which a homousian devolves into a Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal. The 28-billion-dollar pharmaceutical conglomerate has buried evidence of Monsterism to prevent its stock—which has quadrupled in value during the pandemic—from tanking.

This developing story will be updated as is appropriate.

Facebook deletes antivax posts as prosecutors warn against spreading false info


Excerpt from above Link – Please read entire article . . 

December 20, 2020

As Israel kicked off its mass inoculation drive on Sunday, state prosecutors warned that the distribution of false material about the vaccine could amount to a criminal offense as it was announced that Facebook deleted dozens of posts containing falsehoods about the inoculation.

The false material was taken down from the social network as part of a joint effort between the tech giant and the cyber division of the State Attorney’s Office.

According to Channel 13 news, prosecutors have been examining groups that deliberately disseminated false information, including “false content intended to sow panic and motivate people to avoid getting vaccinated.”

“Dissemination of these publications may constitute a criminal offense,” the cyber division of the State Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

Additionally, four groups were removed from Facebook for propagating false information about vaccinations, prosecutors said.

From Monday, Israelis aged 60-plus and at-risk populations can receive a vaccine at health maintenance organizations (HMOs) with an appointment.

The government hopes to inoculate some 60,000 people per day and as many as two million Israelis by the end of January. But Hebrew media reports said the first week would serve as a pilot program, tamping down expectations that hundreds of thousands of Israelis would be vaccinated within days.

VACCINES: CDC List of Ingredients

VACCINES: CDC List of Ingredients 

The following information regarding vaccines from the CDC may be of interest to you.

The complete list of vaccine excipients

published by the CDC, current as of January 6, 2017



CTAB (cetyltrimethylammonium bromide)




a continuous line of monkey kidney cells


African Green Monkey kidney (Vero) cells


aluminum hydroxide

aluminum phosphate

aluminum salts

amino acid supplement

amino acids

amino acids solution

aminoglycoside antibiotic

ammonium sulfate

ammonium sulfate aluminum phosphate

amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate

amphotericin B

anhydrous lactose

anti-foaming agent


ascorbic acid


baculovirus and cellular DNA

baculovirus and Spodoptera frugiperda cell proteins


benzethonium chloride

beta- propriolactone


bovine albumin

bovine calf serum

bovine serum

bovine serum albumin

calcium carbonate

calcium chloride

calf bovine serum

Calf serum

calf serum and lactalbumin hydrolysate


casamino acids

casamino acids and yeast extract-based medium


castor oil

cell culture media

cellulose acetate phthalate

cetyltrimethlyammonium bromide

chick embryo cell culture

chicken fibroblasts


citric acid

citric acid monohydrate

CMRL 1969 medium supplemented with calf serum

complex fermentation media

concentrated vitamin solution

CRM197 carrier protein

CY medium


D- fructose

D- glucose

defined fermentation growth media




dibasic potassium phosphate

dibasic sodium phosphate


dimethyl-beta-cyclodextrin. glutaraldehyde

disodium phosphate

disodium phosphate dihydrate



dried lactose

Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium

Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium

E. coli

Eagle MEM modified medium

EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)

egg protein

egg proteins

ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)

FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye

Fenton medium containing a bovine extract

ferric (III) nitrate

fetal bovine serum


Franz complete medium



gentamicin sulfate




guinea pig cell cultures


hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide


histidine buffered saline.

host cell DNA

host cell protein

human albumin

human diploid cell cultures (MRC-5)

human diploid cell cultures (WI-38)

human embryonic lung cell cultures

human serum albumin

human-diploid fibroblast cell cultures (strain WI-38)


hydrolyzed casein

hydrolyzed gelatin

hydrolyzed porcine gelatin

inorganic salts

iron ammonium citrate

isotonic sodium chloride


L-250 glutamine

lactalbumin hydrolysate





M-199 without calf bovine serum

Madin Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cell protein

magnesium stearate

magnesium stearate. gelatin

magnesium sulfate



Medium 199 without calf serum

microcrystalline cellulose

mineral salts

modified culture medium containing hydrolyzed casein

modified Latham medium derived from bovine casein

modified Mueller and Miller medium

modified Mueller and Miller medium (the culture medium contains milk- derived raw materials [casein derivatives])

modified Mueller’s growth medium

modified Mueller-Miller casamino acid medium without beef heart infusion

modified Mueller’s media which contains bovine extracts

modified Stainer-Scholte liquid medium

monobasic potassium phosphate

monobasic sodium phosphate

monosodium glutamate

monosodium L-glutamate

monosodium phosphate

MRC-5 cells

MRC-5 cells (a line of normal human diploid cells)

MRC-5 diploid fibroblasts

MRC-5 human diploid cells

Mueller Hinton casein agar

Mueller’s growth medium


neomycin sulfate

non-viral protein

nonylphenol ethoxylate

normal human diploid cells

octoxynol-10 (TRITON X-100)

octylphenol ethoxylate (Triton X-100)


ovalbumin neomycin


phenol red

phenol red indicator

phosphate buffer

phosphate-buffered saline solution

plasdone C

polacrilin potassium


polygeline (processed bovine gelatin)


polymyxin B

polymyxin B sulfate

polysorbate 20

polysorbate 20 (Tween 20)

polysorbate 80

polysorbate 80 (Tween 80)

potassium aluminum sulfate

potassium chloride

potassium glutamate

potassium phosphate

potassium phosphate dibasic

potassium phosphate monobasic

potassium phosphate potassium chloride

protamine sulfate

protein other than HA

recombinant human albumin


semi-synthetic media

semi-synthetic medium

sodium bicarbonate

sodium borate

sodium carbonate

sodium chloride

sodium citrate

sodium citrate dehydrate

sodium deoxycholate

sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate

sodium EDTA

sodium hydrogenocarbonate

sodium hydroxide

sodium metabisulphite

sodium phosphate

sodium phosphate dibasic

sodium phosphate monobasic monohydrate

sodium phosphate-buffered isotonic sodium chloride

sodium phosphate-buffered isotonic sodium chloride solution

sodium pyruvate

sodium taurodeoxycholate

sorbitan trioleate


soy peptone

soy peptone broth


Stainer-Scholte medium

sterile water

succinate buffer



synthetic medium


thimerosal (multi- dose vials)

thimerosal (multi-dose vials)

tris (trometamol)-HCl

Triton X-100



VERO cells

vero cells (a continuous line of monkey kidney cells)

vero cells [DNA from porcine circoviruses (PCV) 1 and 2 has been detected in RotaTeq. PCV-1 and PCV-2 are not known to cause disease in humans.]


Watson Scherp casamino acid media

Watson Scherp media containing casamino acid

WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts

WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts MRC-5 cells

xanthan [Porcine circovirus type 1 (PCV-1) is present in Rotarix. PCV-1 is not known to cause disease in humans.]

yeast extract

yeast protein

α-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate


Mandatory MRNA Vaccines are Coming We are moving to step 5. Mandated MRNA vaccines are coming.



We are moving to step 5. Mandated MRNA vaccines are coming. The fear campaign of Covid has failed. People are not scared any longer of Covid, but that’s not the problem anymore and truthfully Covid never was. 


The problem is now that Covid failed and you are seeing this chess game of totalitarian control unfold, let me tell you what is really coming. If this is a mandatory vaccine campaign and it gets rolled out rapidly, you better be aware, educated and terrified. 


Globalists in the next 2-3 months will magically find the cure for Covid and roll it out in a mass vaccination campaign. This vaccine is MRNA vaccine. This roll out will come out very fast for two reasons. 1) so that you have no choice but to comply, your stuck in your house and you’ll beg for it to get out. 2) so the side effects are not revealed until the vaccine has been widely distributed. 


Why is this relevant? 


Well, MRNA virus carry the instruction to replicate and build its viral protein right away. It doesn’t require anything other than the host cell machinery to operate. In other words, it cuts down the manufacturing process significantly. 


Why is that a problem? Well, MRNA has direct coding. It will do what they are programmed to do. In this case the RNA cause direct DNA mutation which leads to cancer, they can change your emotion, give you autoimmune diseases, autism, anything that it is programmed to do. 


Possibly even worse. 


There is no coronavirus vaccine and there never will be one. You think that you are getting a vaccine for immunity, when in reality it’s a trojan horse for something different. This is real. I never thought in my life this would ever be real. Just because we can manipulate biology in ways doesn’t mean we should. I left research biology for ethical reasons. Bioethics is a major problem. Data is falsified for the sake of rapid profits. I have personally witnessed it.

NOT-SO-FAST: Major breakthrough on Vaccines

Insider Comment:

This announcement is a distraction.  What do we mean by that?  Since USA, Inc. is a corporation and has setup the court system for the corporation it is again leading injured vaccine victims and those that KNOW the vaccines cause damage and death into a rigged corrupt corporate illlegal system.


Read more “NOT-SO-FAST: Major breakthrough on Vaccines”

NBC: NYC is force vaccinating Jewish adults & kids (fines and imprisonment if they fight) and they’re suing over unconstitutionality 

Hey there,

You really cannot make this up. I haven’t had a free moment to even send a newsletter out to my hundreds of thousands of readers with an update.

Earlier this week the mayor of New York City ( Bill de Blasio) announced at an eerily Orwellian press conference that they WOULD begin mandated vaccinations on the people of Brooklyn, New York. This mandate includes men women and children in four zip codes, which makes up Williamsburg/ Brooklyn NY (huge densely populated area and almost exclusively Orthodox Jewish families).


Read more “NBC: NYC is force vaccinating Jewish adults & kids (fines and imprisonment if they fight) and they’re suing over unconstitutionality ”