The Slave Masters are Using Invisible Weapons.

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KILL CITIES – by Rothschild and Rockefeller – Gone Main Stream—KILL-CITIES—by-Rothschild-and-Rockefeller—-Gone-Main-Stream——.html?soid=1111839869613&aid=GJn060f7CGA

EXCERPT from Word Press Below as Cited by the Washington Post:

“This a genocide program,” says California conspiracist Deborah Tavares in a YouTube video cited by the Post. “We are being moved now into what they call ‘resilient cities.’ And it’s important to get this word out, start looking it up: Resilient cities. Understand what this is: This is a plan brought in by Rothschild and Rockefeller.”

A New and Great American Hero in DC Stands Tall . . .
Members of Congress know the Rothschild’s control the
weather and are behind resilient cities, but would never
admit it because they feed at the DC Rothschild taxpayer
money trough as the pigs in muck and the liars that they
are. We the People are in Great Danger!


His repeated assertion that Rod Class is Judge Dale is not only
laughable it is a redirection technique. As he doesn’t mention
my name or web site, he hopes to decrease the chances that
folks will visit it. Because, if they did they might run across the
interview of former World Bank attorney Karen Hudes on a
Rod Class call whereby she independently confirms information
Judge Dale provides in his book The Great American Adventure.
You can hear 15 minutes of her interview here:

They might also discover attorney/researcher Melvin Stamper’s book

Fruit from a Poisonous Tree. Stamper also independently confirms

Judge Dale’s information. If snoop4truth had the legal expertise to

challenge either of these legal giants, he would surely not be posting


Snoop4truth is likely a paid disinformation agent. We should ignore

all his anonymous messages . . .where ever they appear.

Perhaps Deborah should feel good about the fact that she is getting
her message out so far and wide that our common enemy now has
to pay people to try and discredit her.
AL Whitney, Editor of
Host of In Defense of Humanity on RBN, Saturdays at 8 pm ET

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Report from Sonoma County Board of Supervisors 6/13/2019 . . . They Admit to Having No Jurisdiction

From:  Deborah Tavares

Report from Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, 6/13/2019, in Northern California – 60 miles North of the Golden Gate Bridge.
NOTE:  The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors stated they were front men for the state that hides behind the board and mandates the regulations that local agencies must implement.
Definition:  Our local, state and federal governments are a network of corporate agencies posing as governments, and they are not.

Susan Gorin, First District David Rabbitt, Second District Shirlee Zane, Third District James Gore, Fourth District Lynda Hopkins, Fifth District

Thursday, June 13, 2019


8:00 AM


Sheryl Bratton, County Administrator Bruce Goldstein, County Counsel

Board of Supervisors Chambers 575 Administration Drive 102A

I attended this county board meeting and was told open public comment was yesterday, not today.
So I remained and commented during each agenda item and worked my information into the record – archived.
Keep in mind I know the County is Incorporated and does not serve the people.  The function of the boards are to appear to conduct local business, however, they are merely allowing UN policies to roll into place without the people learning the facts.  I understand we are USA, Inc. and EARTH, Inc.  and the illusion of government for and by the people is to merely to keep the herd from rebelling.  
Therefore, I know public comments amount to nothing and are merely tolerated by the corporate governing bodies.  

These meetings are DELPHI Meetings whereby the agendas and plans have already been approved.

The agenda item below, as copied from the county website, is followed by what I witnessed at the meeting.   

5. Russian River Total Maximum Daily Load Action Plan Comments 2019-0986

Authorize the Chair to sign and submit comments approved by the On-Site Wastewater Treatment System Ad Hoc to the Regional Water Quality Control Board related to the 2019 Draft Staff Report and Draft Action Plan for the Russian River Pathogen Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) by the June 24, 2019 deadline.

Department or Agency Name(s): County Administrator and Permit and Resource Management

The section above is the agenda item that is referred to in my discussion as follows:
The board discussed the “big financial hammer” that was going to come down upon 49,000 parcels that are on septic systems.  The board noted and at times even laughed at the idea that many of these people will be coming in with pitch forks.  These unsuspecting property owners whose properties are located within 600 feet of the Russian River water bodies have no idea what the North Coast Regulatory Water Control Board has in store with fees and inspections and implementing a costly monitoring plan. (this river area flows along part of Bohemian Grove in Northern California)
The board said these plans will be “phased in slowly” and bring people into compliance to the new requirements from the State of California.
One of the city staffers, Nathan, said “the public has a right to know a big hammer is coming towards them.”
They spoke about providing maps, but also said individual property owners could enter in their property parcel number and find out if they are in the targeted area.  Certainly, by each owner checking separately the community may not learn of the LARGE number of parcels ready to be monitored and assessed fees.  It is also possible that many properties will NOT be in compliance and NOT be able to meet the new requirements.  What then?    
I asked where we could get a copy of the new state regulations, NOW.  I was told by Supervisor James Gore go online – go to the North Coast Regulatory Water Control Board (TMDL)  Originally there were 70,000 parcels facing these undisclosed septic regulations, and only 49,000 parcels have been already identified. ALREADY!  Neither he property owners or occupants know what’s coming.
I told the Board this was a sneak attack upon people in the Russian River area who have just incurred massive damage from recent floods impacting thousand of homes.  I said insurance coverage for flood related damages are typically not available and FEMA denied any assistance that was asked for by the County to assist with flood recovery.  I said, many of these people may even lose their properties due to lack of insurance and increasing costs.
Further, I told the Board we/they are in a war economy due to the FIRES and the New Normal of Climate Change which is Climate Control which will have even greater financial impacts from weather and more frequent storm and fire events.
The board said the state comes out with regulatory changes and places the board members in front of angry people as the state bureaucrats hide behind the board members.   The board said they get the brunt of citizens anger when putting forward the states regulations that they do not control.  
It is important to note that I spoke on this item, the ONLY public comment.  Most importantly I said that the board members were admitting they have NO Jurisdiction and are only putting forth state policies.  They agreed and said the state mandates policies upon the local governments what the Federal Government mandates the states.
My time was up!
Important to note:  Since my last “waste of time” at the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors meeting the County has deployed TSA style scanning and hired two security guards that examine all attendees prior to being allowed to enter the meeting hall. 
Please observe your local city and county agencies level of increased security, to protect them from us – as more statutes, regulations and limiting resource accessibility comes down on all of us “like a hammer.”
These comments are from my notes and the best of my recollection . .
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Gretta Fahey – Being Tortured by the Satanic Secret Shadow Government



I am unwillingly wirelessly connected by implanted technology to a computerized wireless control system where I am being subjected to hearing voice commands which come from unknown individuals who operate the computerized control centre. I sometime post online some of what they say to me and to each other. Yesterday I heard through the voice induction process, one of these individuals tell their colleagues to speak to me so often that I would not be able to function at all because I need to be taught a lesson.
I live in the republic of Ireland and I know of many other individuals throughout Ireland who are also being unwillingly subjected to this evil computerized wireless control system.
We have attempted to complain about the way we are being treated to general medical practitioners, psychiatrists and the Gardaí. They automatically assume we are mentally ill so they will not take the matter seriously and then we wrongly end up in psychiatric hospitals. They don’t seem to realize that the toxic pharmaceutical substances which pose as psychiatric medicines which we are informed we must take while under psychiatric care have such extreme side effects that it is akin to being tortured from the inside out. When we report that said pharmaceutical substances are causing us extreme distress to our psychiatrist, the psychiatrist will invariably refuse to allow us to stop taking the pharmaceutical substance. Instead they tell us to take an additional substance which they falsely say will cancel out the extreme distressing side effects we are experiencing. They do not.
The United States military informed the general public many years ago that they were accumulating medicines which had the most extreme side effects and they were going to use them as weapons. They have already done this and have made them available for psychiatric use. I have experienced the worse of these extreme weaponised psychiatric medicines where I was made to feel such extreme side effects to the extent that it was akin to being tortured from the inside out. I no longer have anything to do with false psychiatry and I never would of my own accord.
Further to that, if targeted individuals of wireless computerized control ever speak to the Gardaí (Irish police) they legally hand over their rights to the power of the Gardaí and they could be placed under psychiatric hold against their wills. That is why almost all targeted individuals stay away from agents of the state and would invoke the right to remain silent if they were ever questioned by Gardaí about their experiences of being under wireless computerized control. How can we go forward from this situation?

The voice command operatives are also my slave handlers in the sense that they make money out of me by wirelessly stealing data from my body and brain which I believe they then collate and sell to interested parties, as well as the fact that they force my facial muscles to move against my will whenever they wish as well as the fact that they frequently give me orders throughout each day to act in the way they wish me to act and if I refuse to act in that way they threaten to damage my property which they sometimes do.

My slave handlers do not allow me a full nights sleep. They sometimes wake me up using voice commands. Because I complained of this online they now have begun to wake me up by sending severe pain signals to my right knee which gives them plausible deniability if I complain online again.

I do not know and I have never met any of my slave handlers and I can not remember a time when I was implanted  for wireless tethering because I have been informed by other slaves that we may be being implanted with technology at a time when we are first of all rendered unconscious by frequency weapons and then the implantation is said to normally occur at a time when the individual to be implanted is rendered comatose, alone in their own bed.   The enslavers steal they keys of the home of the victim and make copies of them so that they can come back at a later date at night to perform whatever implantations they need on the would-be slave.   I do not and never have got paid by any of these slave handlers and I would never accept money from them.   My name is Gretta Fahey, from Newbrook,  Claremorris, County Mayo,  Republic of Ireland.   My landline home phone number is 0949360901.  My website which I alone own and control is called
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Deborah Tavares Bio



Deborah Tavares – Bio


Deborah Tavares of and has countless YouTube videos and tirelessly researches documents.  Deborah is known for her direct activism and a leader in speaking the truth and addressing the realities our world faces. Known for her zealous commitment to strict reliance on “the documents” she exemplifies what it means to be a warrior for TRUTH like no other.

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