Cyborg warriors could be here by 2050, DoD study group says

WHY – Unfund Conventional Human Law Enforcement? 

BLM and other similar groups are organized to bring in the NWO Cyborg Police and more.

Cyborg warriors – that is the plan, get others to do the killing or more specifically semi autonomous and autonomous vehicles as an Israeli/Russian can operate that from Tel Aviv.

5G is central to the robots on the streets. When they get them over the next 3-5 years, we are done. 

Also, they will get rid of the clerks, the book keepers, and middle managers with A.I. 

So the humans keeping your channel up will be gone. It’s approaching fast and Javanka Kushner – Chabad  – and those in the New York deep state – and others, will usher in the age of communitarianism 2028 in time for 2030.

Then remember the promised hordes and swarms of nano-bots, slaughter bots and drones.

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