Deagel’s Depopulation Forecast

Deagel’s Depopulation Forecast Deagel.Com CIA, DoD & Rockefeller Foundation confirmed as architects of Deagel .com 2025 Depopulation Forecast & current Mortality Rates imply Covid Vaccination has made it a target that could be hit The ExposéJuly 23, 2023 In a world where reality often seems stranger than fiction, the machinations behind global events can be […]

Metaverse clothing, travel, plastic surgery: Experts predict life in 2030 In the metaverse you’ll be able to swim with the sharks, tour the Parthenon in Athens, or go skydiving — all from your VR glasses. And “you” can be anyone you want, even LeBron James or a jaguar. NY Post photo composite Imagine scaling Everest, swimming with hammerheads or skydiving over the Grand Canyon […]


PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ORIGINAL LETTER LINKED IN THIS EMAIL HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN THE SPARTACUS LETTER “Damn You To Hell, You Will Not Destroy America ”Here Is The ‘Spartacus CO VID Letter’ That’s Gone Viral There was a deep cover Intel man close to Fauci the whole time. Here is his report. Disseminate this widely “Damn You To […]

EMERGENCY TRANSMISSION From Deborah Tavares CLICK ABOVE LINK TO KEEP FORMATTING Sunday, July 18, 2021THIS IS A DEBORAH TAVARES RETRANSMISSION Some topics below:Orbital mirrors, Google andAmazon are Competing withOur Rothschild Utilities to CreateDeadly WirelessSMART HOMES – of DEATH,Wireless household silent weapons,Urban Heat Islands, Solaren Corp,Worst cities ranked for urban heat, Recent research has shownBlack and brown neighborhoodsdisproportionately suffer from […]

Blood and Bones Where Have the Missing People and Animals GONE? BREAKING Blood and Bones – Where Have the Missing People and Animals GONE?Do YOU Know?Blood and Bones are in the Cement – CEMEXPosted on Have You Asked Yourself Where Have ALL the Bodies Gone?This WILL Shed Some Light On Whats Been Happening for Many Many Decades.Think of Body Disposal in the Context of Zero WasteThis ALL Lines Up […]

US life expectancy drops a year in pandemic, most since WWII US life expectancy drops a year in pandemic, most since WWII  Life expectancy in the United States dropped a staggering one year during the first half of 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic caused its first wave of deaths, health officials are reporting. Minorities suffered the biggest impact, with Black Americans losing nearly three years […]

The Web of Players Trying to Silence Truth Any strategy that successfully manipulates public opinion is bound to be repeated, and we can now clearly see how the tobacco industry’s playbook is being used to shape the public narrative about COVID-19 and the projected post-COVID era. In 2011, after many years of raising awareness regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and industrial agriculture, […]

POWER OUTAGE: The EARTH EX® Black Sky Hazard Simulation Project (the Black Sky Project) EIS Council • EIS Council \ EPRO Handbook                 Facilitated – Consensus – Events Imagined       Facilitated tabletop exercises addressing Black Sky Hazards to critical infrastructures. The EARTH EX®  Black Sky Hazard Simulation Project (the Black Sky Project) is a moderated exercise series – a facilitated environment to consider impact and recovery from severe Black Sky Hazards – addressing national […]

This ‘self-sufficient’ Chinese city is being built with future pandemics in mind

THE GREAT RESET – IN PART Also, coming soon on the World Economic Forum is the world vs virus how to create a new societal social contract to take the vaccinations FOR HERD IMMUNITY.  How the Muffets are encouraging children to get vaccinated.  Discussions how the anti vac movement must be contained and neutralized.

Covid-19 vaccines may cause mild “side effects”, experts say

Covid-19 vaccines may cause mild “side effects”, experts say and Patent WO2020060606 – CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA Look this patent up which ties to the Vaccine Covid-19 vaccines may cause mild side effects, experts say – July 27, 2020 Helen Branswell While the world awaits the results of large clinical trials of Covid-19 […]