Tracing and Tracking Pollution is of course a every expensive operation to supposedly advance justice, protect the environment, or provide better communications or computer networks. 


Always, remember, there are numerous parallel functions related to secret objectives of the Ruling cabal.  


New technologies are always related to a desire to control the peasants and change and re-structure society into a Global one world NWO system run by them and significantly depopulated.


For example, at first cell phones were believed to have been invented and manufactured for better more direct, more convenient communication. Later it has become obvious it was actually developed as an Intel tool to gather information about the individual, his/her movements, his/her associations. Some experts in electronic warfare now believe that these cell phone devices and systems have been weaponized and weapons of mind-control and a secret war against the masses, designed to shape expectations and attitudes. It is now known that cell phones can be used not only to track but to eavesdrop (most can do this even when turned off). 


All Intel gathering functions for data have dual use. When crimes are recognized by an unapproved entity that is not operating under immunity or as undercover or is not part of the ruling elite, parallel Law Enforcement operations are set up to entrap and discover the criminal acts, without ever disclosing the original intel source which was the NSA. 


Huge NSA costs are justified to supposedly keep America safe from attacks by foreign enemies, but are actually used to keep Cabal authorized RICO crime rings form being interfered with by regular law enforcement. 


All new technologies always have multiple deployments and uses, most important ones kept secret and serve as tools of the elite. 


All the development of powerful computers, especially the new quantum interdimensional computers which are supposedly for crunching numbers and solving problems faster, also have many secret deployments designed to control the masses by sophisticated tracking and hugely sophisticated gaming calculations using artificial intelligence. Using ultra high tech like this and A.I. to track polluters and pollution is merely a publicly declared function to supposedly protect the earth. This is a big con and a blatant lie. 


If the USG really wanted to protect the earth from pollution, they would stop spraying millions of pounds of nano-ized toxic chemicals like barium and aluminum into the sky for their sophisticated Space Fence System and electrified it with sophisticated EMF to create a highly ionized, seriously toxic atmosphere which is great for tracking and destroying missiles and UFOs, but also is great at secretly killing trees, reducing crop yields, creating fire hazards on the ground in forests and field, and poisoning people and wild life, and so much more. 


Due to advent of technology and robotized manufacturing – human labor is needed less and less and mass labor is seen only as a rising threat as these workers are displaced and economically minimized.  These policies have been set by the Ruling Cabal that the world’s population must be reduced by about 90% and eventually eliminated. The Cabal is creating an entirely new breed of gene-spliced beings by using the CRISPR/freezing methodologies.  The process to splice animals and human genes with other worldly genes, and merge it all with strange electronic circuitry.  Humans will no longer exist as we now know ourselves.  


Our Overlords are creating a hived race of entities always connected to the master A.I. Quantum computer. In the process all human religions will be destroyed and Christianity is especially targeted. The strangest thing of all is that the top perps running this program who sit at the top of the worldwide satanic network, ruling the world, are themselves quite religious, but the religion they serve and believe in is the “Sacred Snake” aka Satanism, Luciferians, worship of the Black Sun, Baal/Moloch Worship, and more.


Anyone who want to know how evil these practitioners are can easily find out in simple web searches. 


Everything on this planet will be tracked, traced and monitored and punished, accordingly.


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