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I have made a website in Denmark, on danish where I document a lot and I tell my private story and shows my private documents.
Maybe the first time a victim found treads to private persons and big companies were many are involved/making medicine/robot technology/science/air force/biogenic, also to private people in Denmark that maybe
are involved with this/my situation.

Papers/documents I found on all of my computers because I found out, that someone was hacking me ad the same time I started to be a victim of this “Phone list to private persons, DNS numbers to companies in
Mexico, China, United states ” that not where ment to be found and I don’t think that anyone have found them before and I think it sounds very plausible “about these phone list and DNS numbers” when I go under
such a situation as I do as a targeted and I have done since 2007.
They must have made a totally track on me as a person, every where I go around, anything I say or do, think, smells, hear and so on?
And every thing I do electronic over the internet.  I have been out in what I will call arrange arrest by these people, so they also have been following me.
I have report it to the police now, because I trust the most of the police, i know it is and unusual thing to find.
I have showed these things on this public website, where I also tell my story.
A website in Denmark, on Danish who also support your website and subject off cause.
I hope you will be so kind to spread my story.
Thanks, and best regards
Johnny Harry Ildskov Madsen
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