The Union Jack:


Conspiracy is invisible otherwise there would be no need for this book. In fact, if conspiracy WERE visible, there would BE no conspiracy.

The origin of the Union Jack conspiracy is its mockery of Christ in Rev. 1:8. It is made up of two outstanding crosses. X is Alpha. + is Omega. This is what Christ called Himself. The rulership of the world by the British Empire is a usurpation of the sovereignty of Jesus Christ The mongrel banner shown on the front cover originated in the mind of a demented tyrant who acquired his mammoth fortune in America – one Andrew Carnegie. This half Union Jack and half Stars and Stripes mean more than a freak flag waving in the breeze. It represents a Satanic conspiracy to control the world with a pseudo- Christianity that is opposite to the grace of Jesus Christ.

This Book Proposes to Awaken the Honest Seekers to the Truth that:

  1. Conspiracy accomplishes most of its purpose under a “Christian cloak”.
  2. Conspiracy enlists the “patriots” to promote the conspiracy without their knowing it.
  3. World Government is already a fact and all nations have bowed their knee to Baal.
  4. Baal has a universal religion to deceive the world — the Kingdom Message.
  5. Baal has a world “money” system and it is called monetized debt.
  6. The thought police in America have changed our language to deceive us in our own thoughts.
  7. The Constitution of the United States of America is an imaginary relic that still deceives the people into believing that they have freedom. The belief that it is still there when it is in fact not there promotes the illusion of freedom.
  8. Government is organized crime and continues in power because it has the support of the people. It has the support of the people because they have been humanized through the influence of the Masonic Lodges and the “Church of their choice.”
  9. The Anglo-American Government has stolen the wealth of the world with their paper “money.”
  10. The Government owes nothing and pays nothing. It simply issues monetized debt (paper “money”) for all goods and services that it wants and continues to roll over and expand debt. Government debt is a polite term for theft.
  11. The United States Government does not need to collect taxes from its citizens because the citizens cannot pay taxes with monetized debt, called dollars.
  12. The work of the Internal Revenue Service is to regulate and control consumption and to gather information for Big Brother.
  13. To keep a nation of willing slaves the Government must control religion, education, and regulate consumption.
  14. Governments cannot control and deceive Christians.
  15. Governments cannot control people who barter and do not use the paper money debt system.
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